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We all try to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. It seems like a simple concept, and in theory it is. But in reality, most companies pay far more than they should by not taking advantage of tax exemption opportunities. Continual changes to tax law make it extremely difficult for companies to identify all the qualified exemptions and recover taxes paid on exempt services and purchases – even for the experienced CFO or controller.



This makes it a challenge to consistently maximize tax savings – which could be costing your company millions.

The good news is...


We have recovered millions of dollars in tax overpayments for 420+ clients and we will submit your overpayment in 30 days or less*.

Experience matters...


Our team is backed by more than 50 years of experience, and we are experts in tax law and case hearings.

*for clients that have an active sales tax permit.


STS Consultants are experts in tax law and case hearings. We specialize in identifying and recovering sales tax overpayments.


We do: Sales and use tax refunds, natural gas severance refunds, accounts payable auditing, contract auditing, and Exempt / high cost wells.


Our experts want to meet with you. Let’s work together to recover your company’s lost profit due to sales tax overpayments.

Discover how much you’ve overpaid. Get started on a refund.

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STS Consultants

STS Consultants
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